Monday, 14 May 2012

Catch Up Time

Hello all.

Today I thought I would just do a little catch up blog for you all as lately a few clients have come in asking where I am at with my studies, interests, workouts and life!

My studies for the BTech level 6 diploma in Advanced Clinical and Sports Massage are coming to an exciting close. With only five months left to go on the 4 1/2 year course it feels as if we are finishing all the last little bits of assignments, case studies, logged hours and reflective practices. I drew up my revision plan that is now stuck on the fridge, (which I have done a lot over the past few years), and creating the last block of timetables was a poignant moment.

Instead of having a clear nine months to write up my dissertation, I find that I am now down to 10 weeks to finish it all! It is in fine fettle with work needed only to make it read in a clear manner and to make sure the findings are easy to view; after a good edit it will be ready to hand in.
My assignments are heading in a good direction and I have blocked out July and August for making sure the last bits of case work and logged hours are done. The only thing that is bugging me is how to make sure all the reflective practices are put onto a disc or something as I have recorded them all on imovie and now don't quite know what to do with them all!
I am down in Brighton next week for Sports Event Massage as well as Taping and Strapping, so I'm sure I'll get myself in a few knots and then work it all out ... I have had so many friends come up with bad jokes about next week!

My interest in movement is really coming to the fore and I am looking forward to getting clients moving in a more dynamic way as part of their homework in-between sessions with me. I think it is vital to move and to make sure the body stays as fit as it can, so there are a few things I am investigating to make sure that the advice I give is relevant, safe and will give great results! I'm not talking workouts here; that is for people such as Heather Gillam and her team at FitBiz to work out and do with you, but I am after my clients to stretch and strengthen after they have had their problem areas treated with me in quite specific ways. So, you will find yourself going away with lots of pictures of stick people and written actions after your sessions with me from now on!

My personal workouts are a source of much interest and often hilarity for my regular clients. I'm always flirting with new ways to keep fit and healthy. I don't often rave about what I see as after a short time I find  a lot of the mass market dross out there is just that; dross. I will often stick to advising the classic Pilates and Yoga practices for my clients, knowing that their muscles will stretch and strengthen over time. I will always vote for climbing and ballet as great cardiovascular workouts as they interest me and I think they are pretty safe for most people to try once a week. But what happens when you really need to burn some fat, loose weight and stay trim and don't want to hit the gym?

Well, it has to be said that for years I have stayed clear of advising any at home DVDs as I have not found any that work through basic anatomy ... until now.

Tracy Anderson first came on to my radar in February (2011) last year and I have been researching and following her ideas since then. Her name is always mentioned when Gwyneth Paltorw is seen on screen as she is her personal trainer. Now Tracy Anderson has come up with Metamorphosis; a 90 day work out for your own body shape. Basically everyone has to do half an hour of cardio (whether it is the re-bounder or dance for is up to you), and then half an hour of body sculpt 6 days a week. Then you go on to the Continuation program to keep going. The workouts are new every 10 days, so she always keeps you guessing and you never bulk your muscles.

I have done it for a month now and love it. I do 5 workouts a week and I have chosen the re-bounder cardio as it is kinder to my joints. I have noticed a load of difference already in the way I feel and the best bit about it is that the anatomy is bang on! Tracy makes you use the accessory muscles, the teeny tiny ones that will pull the larger ones in naturally so you don't look like Arnie by the end of it; just a very balanced, healthy figure. It requires dedication and a passion for sweating into a new body, but I believe it will work. Just make sure you order the right on for you by using the body calculator so you actually exhaust the part of the body that you want to change rather than something generic.

SO ... my life is pretty full, but I am very happy to let you all know that David and I saw our new kitten yesterday! We are picking him up on July 8th, so I have to get my dissertation done by then otherwise it will never happen as 'kitten looking after time' will be my top priority! He's a Russian Blue and I think we will either call him Finchly or Thomas ... suggestions are always welcome and I'll post you some photos when we see him again in July.

For now I'm off to make risotto.

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Never, Ever Give Up

To carry on with the video share this week, this is to encourage all of my clients to keep going and keep moving.

I feel it is so important to remember that even if you are unable to move in a dynamic way and are chair bound through differing pathology it is vital to stay positive about the movements that you can do. If you can do foot circles, then perfect them, make them wonderful and keep going with them as they will really help your lymph circulation and combat swollen ankles. If you can move your arms up and down, start doing that in all different angles whilst holding half filled bottle of water to keep your strength up. All movement is great and I encourage it highly.

Of course, check in with you medical advisors before you start any new diet or exercise plan, but don't be discouraged and keep seeking help if you come up against the brick wall.

Walls just need to be broken down so that you can move through them.

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Tracy does it best!

Hello All,

I have not been sitting on my butt too much over the holiday weekend! I have been trying to work out a great routine for all you people who are fit and able to move to help your butt lift to new heights and to be honest, I can't do it better than Tracy Anderson, so I'm going to refer you to her!

Tracy Anderson has been studying movement for years and has developed a fantastic method for helping people who are happy to work out get the small accessory muscles in the body to tighten and tone the whole body.

Personally I love the work outs, however I have been blessed with the a body that does what I tell it to. If you feel that you are limited through injury or a pathology fret not as I have started to look at how you can work your butt with a little more ease.

So plug this into your screen and get sweating! I'll be working right along side you so keep going :) .

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