Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Recharge and Renew

The one thing that I find in the treatment room more often than not is stress. Clients, friends, family and myself are all busy. Adrenaline is a great hormone as it gets us out of bed in the morning, it gets us going and gives us the drive we need to live.

But lives can be on a continual drive to get to the next point and beyond, and sometimes people push themselves to the point where a healthy amount of adrenaline tips over and leads to total exhaustion. That isn't a healthy place to be and there needs to be a balance between learning how to relax and recharge so that we can then pick up the drive and go forward.

I sometimes see my life as a car engine. I am no mechanic, but I am aware that petrol drives my little Smart Car. If I drive for a long distance without filling up with petrol I run the car down and it stops. When I forget to look at the oil levels my little bug gets over heated, coughs a lot and packs up. The lack of petrol stops me, but the oil wrecks the engine and leaves me with a heavy garage bill to pick up.

If we have a heavy week with no breaks we crash at the weekend; we sleep for most of it and recharge with enough juice to just about get to the next weekend. But this continual heaviness leads us to run out of life's oil and we then crash and burn. Our bodies need regular breathing places to catch up in the output of life.

If you are a person who charges up on energy with people, I am not asking you to go and meditate under a tree as this will just cause you stress. Instead, how about getting a friend or work colleague to go and sit in the park and have lunch together. Chuck a frisbee around; walk to the coffee shop together and talk about something other than work; meet up after the school run and go for a walk; sit in the garden with a tea and chat. Or why not take in a Thai Chi class at lunch? You don't have to be on your own, your body and mind just needs to rest from the grind and the adrenaline spikes that you run off.

If you do like to be quite on your own and feel comfortable recharging in your own company, why don't you try something like taking a longer walk from the car or train to the office? You could sit in your garden or balcony and write a letter to a friend; put a CD on that relaxes you and just watch the clouds go by. If you want to be totally on your own, sit in a comfortable place and listen to the bird song for a bit.

None of these recharging times need to be long! I don't think having 90mins in the middle of the day to listen to bird song is practical for many people, but just making sure you get a good break on a daily basis may make the difference to the way you feel.

It's such a loss of a weekend to just crash and burn on a Saturday morning as you are missing two days where you could explore new things! Just imagine enjoying a coffee and pastry early on a Saturday morning and going for a walk to get the papers before the majority of the town is up and about. It's such a special time that it's a shame to miss it just because you are over reaching yourself during the week.

So try it today; choose one thing that will make you feel alive but relaxed. I am going to go for a walk down by the river before my day starts in the treatment room. What are you going to do?

Thursday, 25 April 2013

New Season, Fresh Starts.

Hello dear readers!

You have put up with my silence for too long and I do apologize. Things in the Carboni household have been a little kooky of late and we have been trying to find some funky plans to sort stuff out.

As you are probably aware, I have run Cornerstone Therapies as a private residential practice for the past 9 years. It's been fantastic working from home and I simply love the treatment room that I can now offer you. It's clear, calm, warm and welcoming and I don't want to move from it. And we aren't moving Cornerstone Therapies, but we are moving our home!

On June 1st we are welcoming Stephen, the house owner, home and he is setting up home in the two floors that we have been relaxing in. Then, on July 6th, we are moving into the house two doors up from where we are. So, I shall be walking 50 paces to work each day!

As Cornerstone Therapies has its separate entrance, parking space and floor level in the house, everything will stay the same for you all to come and enjoy your treatments with me.

As you may have worked out there is a month where we are not at 'home', so David and I are off to Sardinia for the month of June this year. It was a wonderful opportunity and something we felt that we had to do!

Other things are taking shape for you to get involved with:

  • Newsletter: We are putting together a monthly newsletter which will be launched in the next six weeks. You'll be able to sign up to this emailed new release from the blog and the new website. 

  • Website: www.cornerstonetherapies.com will be up and going in the next month, so you can link to us, share it with friends and buy Dermalogica online through Cornerstone Therapies, so you can keep you products all topped up between treatments. 
There are a few more things happening, so I'll try to keep you up dated with Twitter, on the blog and by old-fashioned (!) email. 

I hope you like the changes and that you aren't disrupted through it. I'm looking forward to it and can't wait to tell you all about it. 

Take good care and enjoy the sun.

Thursday, 11 April 2013

The Fuzz Speech

It's time to move

Hello! I hope that this finds you all well after Easter last week and that if you are on holiday with the kids you are enjoying the time with them. If, like me, you are taking it easy this Spring, I hope that you are finding ways to relax between the rain showers.

As many of you know I am spending a week up in Scotland with Gil Hedley Ph.D in July to study some very nerdy fascia anatomy. But most of you know of him as I reference 'The Fuzz Speech' almost daily to help explain why Fascia gets stuck and what we can do about it. I have emailed so many clients this link I thought I would just post it up here for all of you to see So, here it is, just watch out if you don't want to look at dissection work:

Gil Hedley Ph.D: The Fuzz Speech 

I haven't heard a better way of describing why we need to move as much as possible so I hope you find it informative! 

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