Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Holidays At Home - One Week To Go

You have planned your holiday at home; tickets are booked, days at home have been planned and lunches with friends are in the diary. You are all set to go! But there are a few finishing touches that you may want to spend some time thinking about and putting into action so that you are all set for your home-based-vacation.

This is a good time to say that from the very beginning that this series has been created for adults on their own, or with partners. I feel children's holidays have a lot of air time and I hope in this series to give the adults some TLC!

Dress To Impress
Your wardrobe is normally set up so that your most used clothes are nearest to you when you open your door. Take an hour to sort out the work and pleasure clothes - popping the work based outfits to the far side of the wardrobe and the bottom draw so that you don't see them through out the holiday. You don't need the visual stimulus and reminders of normal life. You wouldn't see them if you were going away, so why see them when you are on your Holiday at Home? Sort out day and evening outfits so that you can just reach in, grab what you want to wear and enjoy some colour! With your workout guide in the diary you can also place your gym and swim gear into bags so you are all set to go without a fuss. You could also sort out your accessories so that your work based ones get a break and you get to enjoy the others for a bit.

Feed Your Body
Why not put your body on a bit of a holiday? With all your treatments planned, your Personal Trainer booked, your time in the pool organized or the DVD's ordered, why not look after yourself fully by clearing out all the toxic rubbish from the house and filling the cupboards with food that will help you replenish your inner self? This holiday is all about you - getting you to a better place rather than just staying in a rut at home. With a week before your time off, you have a great opportunity to write out a fantastic meal plan, list all the ingredients and order them on line or get them from the store. The extra nice bits can be picked up at the Farmers Markets. It will probably take you a gentle evening to plan this part, but it is well worth it so that you know you are making the most of your vacation for your total body wellness.

Finishing Touches
With just a couple of days to go, make sure the house is in order. You have taken a month to go through it, making sure it is all sorted out so that you don't have to spend your time off doing mundane house-work, so now is the time to really enjoy it! A few ideas are:

  • Wash towels and make them fluffy 
  • Put fresh candles around the house
  • Make sure you have all the nail varnishes, bubble baths etc in the house so you can enjoy them
  • Stock up on a couple of new books and fresh magazines
  • Make sure the laundry is all done, ironed and put away
  • Put all work based stuff in a box and put it neatly under the study table so you don't have to look at it. 
And Enjoy ...

You have worked really hard to get yourself and your home organized so that you can have a real vacation. It takes more time to organize a Holiday At Home than it does to book a pre-packaged deal on the net, so be proud of yourself for doing such a great job! In the week before your time off, enjoy the haircuts, waxing, pedicures and manicures with a spring in your step knowing full well that you are about to enjoy one of the best holidays! It will be one to remember and I can assure you that all the preplanning, excitement and anticipation will all be well worth it. 

I hope that you have enjoyed this blog series and that it has given you some helpful tips and hints about how to make time on your own or with your partner fun whilst you are based in the place you love the most - Your Home. 

Over the next couple of weeks the blog will be offering up some new ideas on anatomy and treatments, so keep a close eye on the up coming posts!

Monday, 15 July 2013

Holidays at Home - The Two Week Marker.

Welcome back to the Holiday at Home series! If you are using this blog series to help you plan your vacation, then I hope that by now you are really looking forward to some rest and recuperation based in the comfort of your own home.  

This is a good time to say that from the very beginning that this series has been created for adults on their own, or with partners. I feel children's holidays have a lot of air time and I hope in this series to give the adults some TLC!

I hope that after the last blog post you have been able to make all the bookings that you need to with your holistic therapists, personal trainers and hairdressers and have been able to craft out a plan to make you feel special and relaxed, as well as restored and energized. 

As promised, this blog we are going to look at the two week marker.

With two weeks to go before our Holiday at Home I would advise that you sit down with a glass of something nice and take an evening to surf the web. Personally I find web-surfing time consuming, so I will dedicate an evening to it if I am planning something big, (there is no point kidding myself that it will only take a second!). With two weeks to go there is a lot to think about as far as time off. Look at your diary and see what kind of time you are about to enjoy and plan your days around the theme. Here are a few ideas to get your mind and body well looked after during your vacation. 

Many museums will run special exhibitions that you may be interested in seeing. If you have found yourself on the train gazing at posters during your commute, then make a list of the ones that are near you and that you want to see. Then you can look them up two weeks before your vacation and see if they are still open. I often find that if I take the time to pre-book my tickets at the museums in London I can get great deals on the prices. Also, I can plan to go either in the mid-morning lull when it is a bit quieter, or I will plan to go with a friend. I never like seeing more than one thing a day simply as I find it too tiring to take in loads of new information and fresh scenes, and I would advise that if you are planing things like art trips, make sure you stick to one a day! 

Be A Tourist
Find out if there is a walking tour that you can take around your local town or city. With a couple of weeks to go you will be able to join ones that are already planned, or you can get in touch with the people who run them and they can maybe organize one for you based on your interests. These are often a great way to see places that are often missed, meet up with new people, or have a private view at art collections. Most tour groups now offer great walks for people in wheelchairs, so all can enjoy what the cities have to offer. 

Feed Your Soul
Have a surf around and see where your local Farmer's Markets are and when they will be on. They often publish lists of producers that will be attending, entertainment and if there will be street food to enjoy. It's great to meet all the people that produce the food that you are about to enjoy and get a sense of connection with the guys who make your milk, as well as their cows! It's great to have a wonder around and try new flavors and ask the stall holders how best to use their wares. 

I love going to small art and craft shows. These are often advertised on the web, but also look out for them in the back of craft magazines and the local newspapers. Also, take time out to spend a day with a local crafts person who is willing to show you new skills! Workshops are a great way to relax, get inspired and try new techniques. If you are into dressmaking, gardening, flower arranging, book binding, knitting, bread making ... just about anything really ... take time for a few laughs and spend a day enjoying yourself. 

Gigs, movies and concerts. 
No Holiday at Home is planned without a trip to the movies for me! I love seeing the trailers on-line and getting excited about the next releases. Get a list of local gigs, concerts and cinema viewing times so you can plan evenings out, or enjoy the newest DVD releases at home. 

Friends and Family
As you surf the net, don't forget to ask yourself if you want to share your time with people or if you need to recharge alone. Email those you want to be with and send them links to what you have found that may interest them and get booking in the diary. It's o.k to recharge your batteries alone! I often mix and match days during my vacation with lunches and shows with friends and family and then a day pottering away in the garden on my own, enjoying the flowers and getting back to an equilibrium. 

Back to the diary! 
Now you have your diary pretty much well planned. Each day will be fresh and new, you may be out enjoying yourself with energetic people in the city or relaxing in the garden or local park recharging the inner batteries. Either way, let your diary or wall planner guide you. Without this planning your Holiday at Home will just end up being a long list of housework duties and you will not be blessing yourself or your home

With two weeks to go you should be really excited about all that you have planned! With treatments and classes already penciled in, tickets booked, journeys planned and gardens to enjoy, you will be getting ready for the final blog post; The One Week Marker! 

Next time we will be looking at the one week to go stage: Getting your vacation wardrobe together, putting work away, and the finishing touches to your plans. 

I hope you are enjoying the posts as you plan how to rebalance your body and your soul through your Holiday at Home. 

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Holiday at Home - Bookings

This is a good time to say that from the very beginning that this series has been created for adults on their own, or with partners. I feel children's holidays have a lot of air time and I 
hope in this series to give the adults some TLC!

After the last blog, you will by now have three things sorted out:

Your holiday time will be booked in the calendar for a month or six weeks time.
  • You will have decided what kind of holiday you would like: Calming, restorative or energizing. 
  • You will have looked around your house and made headway with starting to get it in to shape. 
This blog is going to help with planning your well-being time during your 'Holiday At Home'. 

I have always taken the first two days of my holidays at home to deal with the things that will set me up to feel fantastic during my time off, but I don't want to have them take up time in the middle of the vacation. These are treatments that are great to have and look after you, but you may not feel that they fit into the bracket of things you want to dedicate holiday days to. So, get the calender out and book up these treatments to start your holiday on a high! 
  1. Get in touch with your hairdresser. They often get booked up about a month before the time that you want to see them, so get it organized soon. A fresh trim, a re-color, or a total new look will help you set the mood for your holiday. 
  2. Make a booking with your Beauty Therapist for your Manicure and Pedicure. You would get these done before you left the country for a holiday and so you should do them just before you Holiday at Home. There is no difference - you are still taking time for you. They will make you feel well cared for and happy feet and toes are always a great thing to enjoy.
  3. If you have a regular wax, get it all done before your holiday. You really don't want to be bothering about it half way through your special time off. 
If you are taking a week off instead of two I recommend that you book these for evenings just before your holiday so they don't actually get involved in time off at all. 

Now, these bookings need to be made personal to you as you know whether you would like a calming, restorative or energizing holiday, so use these tips as a starting point and go from there. 

 It is important to look after your total body wellness and holidays are a great time to do that. So many people go to Yoga retreats, boot camps, Pilates training, running camps etc. So why not do it from home on your holiday? 

If you are after an energizing time, talk to your personal trainer and ask them if they are available for a few extra slots during your time off. You can concentrate on some high intensity work, muscle training, perfect your running, and get some energy buzzing around. Spend time with them crafting a plan that will up lift you and keep you motivated. The other option is to go to your local gym and ask if they are running mini-courses for adults. At our local pool they offer mini-courses for people to get better at swimming and the gym offers week long morning courses to help with weight training for example. 

If Calming is more your thing, look at your local yoga or Pilates studio and ask if they are running courses or you can book in for a daily session with them in the early mornings. Using the early mornings to work on a gentle form of movement sets you up for your day well and then you have the rest of the time to do other things you want to enjoy. 

If you are like me and work out from home, then get some new DVD's from people you like and make a schedule for the time off when you dedicate time to move a bit more each day of your holiday. You can also mix this with a couple of sessions at the Pilates and Yoga studios, or the gym and pool to make a change, or you can just stick with what you love best! 

What ever you choose to do you need to book it up and make sure it is scheduled into the diary! Studios and Personal Trainers get busy, so you need to make this booking a priority along with your treatments so you are not disappointed when you get to your Holiday at Home. 

Holistic Therapy
As a therapist I know that my diary gets booked up three to four weeks in advance, and so if I am planning my Holidays at Home I know that I need to book my massage and facial appointments with my own therapists at least six weeks in advance to make sure I get time on the couch! 

Massage is great and Holidays at Home allow you to get a couple of extra treatments in. You can mix and match these with relaxing aromatherapy and Swedish based treatments, or you can have a couple that you have never tried before - maybe a LaStone treatment? 

Skin Care Treatments are relaxing and a lot of therapists offer mini-course for skin care so you can concentrate on a particular issue and spend quality time trying to help it. 

Look at what you enjoy the most; massage, facials, reflexology, acupuncture, etc and book it in around your holiday and maybe go for a couple more sessions than normal to make your time off extra special. 

Step back and take a look.
By now you should be able to look at your diary and see a good shape coming together around your vacation. You will be able to see the theme of your holiday and be able to work out if you are going to utilize the mornings for your exercise and holistic therapy so you can get more out of your days, or if you are going to make it a relaxing spa holiday and allow your bookings to make up the bulk of your time. 

In the next blog, we will look at the two week marker: What is out there that you would like to do as far as shows, exhibitions, lunches as well as quality you time.

So get booking and start to get really excited about your Holiday at Home!

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