Friday, 24 August 2012

I'm Back!


It has been a very long time since I sat down to write to you all.

In truth is was a very stressful and intense start to the summer as the long fight with the dissertation was in its last throws. After a few 18 hour working days, much editing, trips back and forth to the printers and a couple of sessions of crying on David's shoulder and going through Kleenex at a rate of knots, is was handed it on July 15th! David took me down to Brighton to hand it in and we sat on the beach drinking bubbly and eating cupcakes, from Angle Food Bakery, whilst the wind and grey clouds battered us. After 15 minutes we went in search of my favorite restaurant, Food For Friends,  in Brighton and finished the celebrations there!

By the time it had all been printed and posted through the letterbox at Jing, I was at the point that not matter what mark I received for it I knew I couldn't have done any more and I was pleased with it. Personally I think after 18 months that if I had had any more time to play with it it would have been ruined, so the hand in date was a welcome relief.

After it all finished it surprised me how elated I felt, but also how I was mentally finished with studying! I now know why at Uni you hand in your dissertation last as its a bit like giving your soul over and you and empty afterwards. Going back home knowing that I still had until October to go was mentally really tough. It is a hand in date I really hope that Jing changes for the next year of students. After four and a half years I think I can safely say that I need to move on to find my own feet. However, it is not the end for my time in Brighton as I now have 4 assignments to wrap up, some clinical mastery days to do in September and then my final presentation in October. I get my grades at Christmas and graduate in February. I have found it very tough to find my spark to finish these last bits after the big hand in, so I need to crack on with it all.

One big distraction is our new edition to the household; Finchley! He is a very beautiful Russian Blue kitten and we love him lots! He has kept me entertained and laughing as I run the final home-straight. He hangs out in my study during the day and his laid back look as I pull my files open to read about workouts for athletes reminds me to take it easy and not to sweat the small stuff, as it is just that, small stuff.

But, it is all a bit easier now I am not writing the tome, so it is with great pleasure that I can find time to write the blog again. I have missed writing many of my ideas and thoughts on 'Advanced Clinical Massage and Skin Care Therapy'. For a while I felt that I was so behind with it I would never start it again. But in the words of FLY Lady, I am deciding I am not behind and I am going to jump in just where I'm at and get going!

I'm really looking forward to getting typing and I hope that you can join me over the next few weeks and months as I get going on the important things in life again!

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