Friday, 15 February 2013

Changing In Time For Spring.

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I'm sorry that I haven't posted for a week or so; work has been most enjoyable and I have had a great week helping with some clients understand some nerdy anatomy, work wonders with helping to cool menopausal skin and have basically looked around my treatment room and felt very for-filled, so I am getting back to blogging today.

I have spent this afternoon looking through the last layers of things in my office. I have treatment notes that are over three years old that need shredding, files of outdated class notes as new research has come along since then, books that need to be up-dated with new editions and I have decided to get rid of my old black filing cabinet.

Also, this week saw David and I talking with Jon Millington who will be editing the words for the new Cornerstone Website, and Fenwick Walker has some amazing designs for it. I have a strong sense that after five years of coping with myself faffing around I will actually get a website that will look simply amazing in a couple of months! Whoop!

The last vestiges of Cornerstone Therapy pre Advanced Clinical Massage and Skin Care Therapy are leaving the building.

Maybe it is spring. Maybe it is just time to let go. Maybe I'm making room for new adventures ...

Who knows? And to be honest, I don't really care, as it's just wonderful to feel fresh life being billowed through the windows into the business. Fresh, clean air with the hope of spring to come.

Part of the re-organization is that I have been tracking all your clicks onto the blog! It's been really quite surprising to find out that there are some pretty cool nerds out there reading the anatomy blogs as well as some skin care fanatics that just love the extra knowledge of how skin works. So, I am looking to shape the blog over the next few months to suit you both.

I am not good at writing series one after the other as my brain gets distracted so I'm going to look at writing a couple in tandem: One for the Anatomy-Nerds among you and another for the Dermal-Lovers.  They will be for all those looking for more knowledge about their own needs, pain, interests and general random searches, but I hope you enjoy them.

I'm kicking off with the subject of head-aches next week, and then I will start introducing the subject of premature aging on the skin the week after.

So, I hope that you enjoy the next few blogs. Please keep in touch an let me know what you think, what you want to read about on the blog and any ideas that you think I can add in.

Right, I think the shredder is cool now and I can get back stripping out the old so I can work on the new.

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